We find the most suitable form of employment

  • We do not just give you a workforce: we offer HR solutions
  • One person or a hundred, short term or long term: we are flexible
  • We cover the full range of human resources
Viapan for employers

Any target group

From student work to employment of pensioners, from skilled workers to managers we know everybody.

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Complex HR services

We will take care of the administration, training, travel and accomodation.

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We are available everywhere

We have more than 18 offices in 5 countries.

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Our services

We support our partners with


worker in our database

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hours of consultation per year for the right employee experience

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capacity of accomodation available for workers we have

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collagues taking care of partners

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We are building the job of the future

We prove day by day that every group of workers creat values at the labour market. We find the right person for the right job. We connect generations and we offer innovative labour market solutions.

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