Student work

New energy for the company

Enthusiastic workforce

Student work is a perfect solution for students between the age of 15-25 to earn money by themselves.

Entering the labour market

Thanks to our collagues our partners can work with students who has the required skills and competences.

The carrier starts here

Students can use their competences and language knowledge which means great resources for your company.

Student work service was born by our hands

Meló-Diák our most popular brand was established in 1983. We were the first company who provided totally legal student work service in Hungary.

Advantages of the studnet work

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We provide the required number of people in a short time

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You will have less expenses by 25%

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Long-term solution

The students are available during the whole year.

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We provide workforce from semi-skilled workers to professionals

How does it work?

There are three parties in the process. Our partner is going to sign a contract with the Viapan Group. And we are going to sign a contract of employment with the student.

Student work

In any needs of workforce


During the holiday season you can employ full-time thousands of students even in responsible positions.

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Long-term solution

Intern or part-time worker. A lot of student apply for part-time jobs during the whole year.

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Changing needs of fluctuation

Because of the concept of the performance group you get exactly the number of employee you need

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Unique professional tasks

Technical drawing, hostess with foreign language knowledge, stock-taking - and many other.

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We solved these tasks with students

  • Translator
  • Technical drawer
  • Student work project manager

We are buliding a community: Meló-Diák Mentoring Program

The program contains gamification, it helps the students to get to know themselves and their skills better. It provides help even after they get a job. In the game the students have to complete different levels and they get rewards. At the end the result is real: job experience and the development of the soft skills.

Student work

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