Employment of pensioners

Proficiency and loyalty with flexibility

Innovative proficiency

Our pensioner members use gladly their experience and knowledge


Our members are reliable and the fluctuation is minimal.


We create a community for our members, so we can motivate them to work more efficiently

Everybody wins

We offer reliable and experienced workforce for our partners. 

It is an easy and simple solution

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We provide full-labour administration

Such as: HR administration and payroll

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Flexible number and timeline

We provide the right number of employees for your needs.

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You have to pay only for the actual working hours.

You will get expense account. It means you do not have to pay for the holidays or the sick-leave.

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Concept of performance group

The great advantage of this is that we hold more than the required number of people to perform most tasks. This way, we can always provide the required number of employees from our up to date data base.

You have to adjust to the fluctuation which can be very expensive with traditional forms of employment.

Our members are not only available for long-term, but also for seasonal work or short-term periods as well.

The effect of the employment of the pensioners...

  • You can count on us even in unexpected situations.
  • We offer favorable expenses.
  • You can find professionals from every field
  • We provide loyal workforce
  • Our members are highly experienced and disciplined

Motivation, experience, reliability

Among many other features these are the main characteristics of our pensioner members, who wants to stay active even after their retirement.

Employment of pensioners

The added value of the Déli Szomszédok Pensioner Work Service

In Hungary there are around 1 million pensioners under the age of 75. According to researchers two third of them would take part-time or even full-time jobs. This age group has the highest rates of loyalty according to this research. Our organization will examine which pensioner is the perfect fit for the job, so our partners can save time and resources.

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