Recruit & Retain

With Viapan Group, we expereience and explore. With Viapan HR Trainer, we teach. Best practices for recruitment and retain uniquely for your company!

Training and development


Our company group has decades of experience in recruitment and how to retain the employees.


We could reduce the number of fluctuation with the help of our trainings.

How to do it?

The trainings are not only develop the workers' soft-skills, but they give a specific knowledge as well.

We have already discovered the right path

The Viapan Group already has 30 years of experience in recruitment and retain the employees. We recruit people for a lot of areas and we are happy to share our experiences. We are helping with the challanges of the labour market.

Management trainings

  • Knowledge of the labour market
  • The importance of empathy-based leadership
  • Importance of the junior managers
  • Development of the basic management skills

Train your group leaders

  • Knowledge of the labour market
  • Communication with employees
  • how to behave with them, how to give feedback even in difficult situations

This is how we do it

The themes of our trainings encourage the people to think out of the box.The challenges of the lack of workforce, fluctuation, employer branding force us to try new ways. Our trainers use a wide scale of methods and questioning techniques to explore the root of your HR-problems, so we can find a completely unique solution.

This is how we do it

We adjust the themes to your requirements.

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Discover your needs

First we have interviews with the managers to discover the problems they have and the goals they want to achieve.

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Explore the situation

We also talk with the collagues and we take into consideration their opinion and requirements and we create the final concept based on the joint experiences.

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We provide an interactive, developing training based on the previously discussed theme.

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We give feedback to the managers based on their needs. They can ask for the feedback of their collagues and also from the trainers.

Manager Update: Cut your costs!

According to researches, losing an employee could cost your company 630.000 HUF. In our experience a company should first improve the managers, upgrading their skills and mindset while changing their focus to a more agile working method. Good leadership is going to help you to retain your workers!

Write a better job advertisement!

A correctly written job advertisement can increase the number of candidates by 30% and reduce the number of irrelevant candidates by 50%.

Viapan Group is the first HR services company which takes job advertising as a task for marketing. We have tested thousands of contents in different target groups. As a result of this, we created our job advertising workshop to help you increase the efficiency of your advertising texts.

What can you expect from our trainings?

  • The main point of our trainings is to change the perspective: to get to know the candidates/employees point of view and communication better.
  • You can understand and communicate better with your collagues and candidates
  • We give you a new perspective, focused on employer branding

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