Education and temporary placement from one hand

We offer forklift operator trainings and forklift operators as well. It is flexible and comfortable.

Education and temporary placement from one hand

Forklift driver trainings and their temporary placement from one hand.

The Viapan Group offers innovative education and temporary placement services. With our help your company can hire educated and experienced forklift drivers. 

From recruitment to practical training

There is a shortage of forklift drivers on the labour market. Even if we can find a well trained person, many times they have a lack of experience, especially with the company's machines. 

Training adjusted to your company

Member of our company, the Viapan HR Trainer provides the education. We organize the forklift driver training where you want, even outside Hungary, and we organize the exam as well. We provide trainings for three different type of licenses.

We provide support during the whole process

You can choose from the candidates with who you would like to work with. After the training and the successful exam we sign a learning agreemnet with the candidates which guarantee you well trained workforce at least for 6 months - with all the benefits of our temporary placement service.


Assesment of needs






Theoretical education


Practical education




First day at work

Everybody wins

  • We provide a trainings adjusted to your company
  • We provide experienced professionals
  • You can hire pre-screened, motivated employees
  • No need to pay in advence for the training
  • We offer a complex service
  • You can choose the ones you would like to work with

In practice

  • Three types of forklift drivers license
  • Training schedule, organization, location based upon your needs
  • We can organize the practical training at your warehouse
  • We can provide trainings for the forklifts used by your company
  • The workers will stay at your company for at least 6 months because of the learning agreement
  • You can request the training without temporary placement service 

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