Temporary placement

Our services are adapted the changing needs of fluctuation in production.

Temporary placement

A long term solution for the problems of the fluctuation.

You will get the required number of employees in a short time.

We will solve the problems of recruitment

Recruitment requires time and resources, we will take care of it

Our services adopted to the changing needs of production

We have solution for the daily changes of fluctuation in production.

Everybody wins

Our labour market solutions will always be able to adapt to the business environment created by the market and competitors.

The Viapan-recipe

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We are available locally: we have 18 offices in Hungary and abroad.

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We organize bus service for the workers

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We organize accomodation

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Our project managers monitor the whole process

You need stable number of workers

Nowdays it is difficult to plan with a stabe number of employees. But we are here to help you: with our service you will always have a production-oriented workforce, even with a lower number of own staff.


We recommend temporary placement if:

  • the required number of workers are vacillating beacuse of the seasonal production
  • in case of unexpected needs of number of workforce
  • solution for the fluctuation

Advantages of temporary placement

ASAP placement

  • Flexible timeline
  • You can balance the changing number of your staff
  • You can reduce the number of extra hours

Traditional placement

  • Long-term solution
  • We provide you the required number of workforce in a short period of time

You can adjust it to any needs of workforce

On the new paths of recruitment, we visit the people unattainable by traditional methods of recruitment. We organize Recruitment Days in small villages and provide transporting opportunities for the people living there. We recruit even from across the borders, with the personal attendance of our project managers.

On the new paths of recruitment

Why our employees like the temporary placement?

It's known, that satisfied employees are more motivated. 

  • The organized bus services save time for them
  • Our project managers help in administration
  • They create a community, which means safety for them
  • Comforting that they have many job opportunities.

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