Things you need to know

Find the joy of labor with us!

Things you need to know

You can find anything in one place

You can choose among numberous options

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It is simple

We provide help starting writing a CV until how to get to work

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Basic informations about labour issues

Do you have any question? We collected the most frequently asked questions, to help you!

How is the accomodation?

Did you find a job far away from your home? We provide accomodation as well. Right now we can offer accomodation for 1000 people starting from Kecskemét to Zalaegerszeg. 

  • double rooms
  • well equipped kitchen
  • washing machine
  • It is near to the workplace/ we provide bus service
Which type of CV do you need?

We do not specify the type of CV you need. However we recommend to use a schematic and simple one. Create it with computer, you can find many samples on the Internet. Some informations you must include: your name, studies, work experiences, e-mail adress and phone number. Photo is not obligatory but it is a good point.

Temporary placement or permanent placement?

In case of temporary placement you are going to have a contract with us but our partner will employ you. Our collagues will help you in everything and you will get your salary from us as well.

In case of permanent placement you are going the have a contract directly with our partner, but we will prepare you for the interview.

Are you interested in the placement of foreign workers?

It is not a problem if you live outside of Hungary we can still place you at our Hungarian partners. We can offer accomodation and in every month we pay you one travel to home. 

We have open recruitment days and you can also find us in one of our offices. During the first discussion you can find out informations about the job and see if it fits you. We often organize free visits to the workplace.

Sick leave or holiday?

If you are a temporary worker you have to discuss your holidays with your project manager. In case of permanent placemnt you have to discuss it with your boss.

If you are sick, you have to notify the project manager or your boss. Do not disappear without saying a word.

How much does it cost for me?

It is free. You do not have to pay anything and we will not deduct anything. 

What is the process of the registration?
  1. Registration
  2. Search for a job
  3. Apply
  4. Contact our collagues
  5. Interview/ test
  6. Decision making
  7. Start the new job / In case of failed application restart the process
How much will the salary be?

If you are a temporary worker you will have a contract with us. It means that we will send you your salary until the 10th of every month. You will be entitled to medical care, pension or later jobseeker’s allowance